Friday, July 30, 2010

Here we go


I opened the shop on Saturday July 24th and have had some, err, interesting run-ins in the first 6 days of business -- culminating in having a Cadbury candy bar stolen under my nose today. I remember faces, though, and will ask her to pay for it if she comes in again....

It is late and people are wanting a blog from me so here are a few impressions:

-first day I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of visitors, customers and friends.
-have met some freakish people. Like the guy in the cut-offs, shaved head, no shirt or shoes and walking stick. In the middle of the Neustadt. Yo.
-or the kids who came in to buy things like Lucky Charms because they saw them in a movie and want to know what they taste like...
-or the people who find joy in filling my wish list with demands the first day. okay, maybe not demands but strong suggestions
-the last few days have been nice steady streams of people -- return customers and new people. It seems like my shop sign has really brought people in.
-adding in... i met an opera star, he came into my shop. he freaked at everything, like he had found american food nirvana.
-okay, I am too tired, need to go to bed. I will try to write frequently, no promises, though. Feel free to remind me to post, but dont be upset if it takes me a bit.

I am still in a bit of a dream world and feeling very surreal about it all. I have a Master's Degree in Archaeology (okay and in Literature / British Cultural Studies) and here I am the owner of a British & American shop. Ha, didn't see that coming...

Goodnight dear friends. I will work on wit and tales another day. Right now my lovely soft bed and a night cap are waiting.

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  1. Michi, congrats on the shop opening and also congrats on your brandnew blog! I'm so proud of you for pulling this off: I remember when the idea of a shop was just a raw outline a "maybe someday" and here ya go! It is real, and not the least bit surreal hehe.
    Wish you all the best with your new carreer!


    P.S. Can't bend my head around someone stealing a Cadbury bar!? I hope she comes back and you get to remind her to pay for it. Oh, and DO take a picture of a face when you ask her, okay?