Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dum Di Do Di Doo

It has been a slow few days here. Yesterday was downright ugly slow and I hope I will not have too many of those days. And on the day I placed a 2000€ order to boot. Noice. So yeah, slow pickings in the shop, but I was able to finish my British order -- though I found out they won't export alcohol to me :( Boo hoo. I was counting on the beer and cider. Then I place a good sized book order that should be here on monday. Hurrah!

Aside from that, I have great shop windows through which I can watch amazing things. Like a young guy licking an ice cream cone in a manner I was not prepared to watch. I felt like I needed to bleach my brain or eyes afterwards. Hallelujah! Hawt. Today brought me a nose-picker. Less than sizzle, really. Maybe I need to install some hidden cameras...

Will continue this later -- The dude and the kidlets will be here soon. Dude is going to put my new storeroom shelves together and I am going to drive the kidlets home. May the force be with me behind the wheel...

The outlaws are arriving tomorrow and bringing my number 3 back home. Yay! I have missed him something fierce. He tells me over the phone how much he misses me. What a charmer. It should be an interesting week. I really need to use it to find another babysitter for Tuesdays since me 1st is no longer available. There is a Spanish lady who would love to help out, but there is something kind of off about her. So I will go through other channels in my search and hope for the best. Right now I need to get the house picked up a bit -- just enough so that the outlaws think I can run a house and a shop. Not enough that they don't feel moved to do a proper cleaning, though *whistle*

Happy weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fan Club

Yeah, I have a fan club. Consisting of a 6th grade boy with long red hair. He comes by daily to make sure a certain book is still instock -- he plans on getting it for his little brother for Xmas or Nikolaus. What a nice brother!

I spent most of the day putting together my next order for the British distributor. I finally e-mailed it off at 5pm, which is 4pm in the UK and probably won't get processed until tomorrow. It was almost as hard to put this order together as it was my first order. It is done, though, and now I wait for the proforma to come through to sign and return. Then pay (yikes) and hopefully have my goods in the next 2 weeks or so. That would rock.

I also finished putting my book order together, but will wait to send that off until tomorrow morning. I still need to place yet another order or two depending on finances next week or the week after, but there are already several holes that need to be filled!

Today was super slow and I am almost afraid to close out the register and see how little there was on intake today. I am sure the storm this afternoon didn't help. Amazingly, most of my customers today seemed to be in their right minds. It was nice! ;)

Closing time is nearing, I need to get my stuff put together so I can go home quickly. I need to go to bed early tonight. I didn't get much sleep last night and feel like I am kinda dream-walking today. Fogbrain.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this is going to be short and sweet and without capital letters today. why? it is 6:36 pm and i am just getting around to writing something.
i spent the boring part of the morning restocking and have had steady streams of lookers, visitors and buyers and friends from the past (wow!).
lucky charms are sold out now, too. scary stuff people!
feeling a bit crack-knackered today.
funny customer of the day: a young american guy -- end teens / early 20s, been in the country long enough to have a slight accent when speaking english. he was jonesing so bad for rootbeer that he made me promise to e-mail him when i get some in :D he is leaving the country beginning of september to study abroad (still europe) and wants it before he leaves.
i think i will need to make a big sign or flag to put out when the salt and vinegar chips are back in stock. can you say *addiction*? SOOOOOOOO many people want the, i think i will quadruple my original order to make it until october ;)

okay, over and out. i think i am going out tonight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I do wonder

I wonder about some people. The guy with the stick came in again today and I thought it would be another long drawn out process of him talking to himself and me and my trying to figure out what was what. Him talking to the products, etc. Nope, he came in and checked out the raspberry fluff then went straight to the cherry jello and bought a package of that. On the way out he laughed super loud and said *Hendrix* -- I was listening to Hendrix. So, while I didn't think he was quite in his mind, he apparently is. I stand corrected and won't be afraid when / if he comes in again...

It has mostly been slow today. A few people stopping by to see what I have. Others coming in with a mission in mind (pancake mix, sweets). And I can't get around it, i MUST place an order within the next week. It is just hard to concentrate on lists and check pricing and such while I have customers. At the same time I am too K.O. in the evenings when I close to work on it.

I have actually made some progress with my order today. I think I have most of the *normal* stuff. My specialty line is not full enough, yet, for the order. I am too far from the minimum so need to tack on a few more cases.

One thing I realize: I can't forget to bring lunch again. I forgot today -- had doc appts for 2 of the imps -- and I drank so much that I had to constantly pee. I don't want to pull junk food off the shelves to eat. I opened a package of fig rolls and had 2 of them and put the rest on a plate for customers to try :D I had a yellow paprika sitting out, too, and ate that. And then I started working on my pepper plant again. Hehe. But, yeah, tomorrow I am bringing a sammy.

Lots of other and interesting customers today -- word is out that I am here and people love me already.
What more can a gurrrrl ask for? ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

monday monday

I have been quiet for a few days. Lots going on at home and just a bit tired. I feel like my stress is catching up with me and starting to wear me down. I will NOT let that happen, though. I am strong ;)

Today has been good for the most part. I did get an e-mail from my Latvian guy that I had get my stuff through the customs and from Hamburg to Dresden. He says he did not get my 2nd wire transfer -- 615 Euros. Um hello, I sent it on July 23rd and it should have been there by now. He got my first payment and I used it as a basis for the 2nd. If the first got there, the 2nd should have, too. So is he trying to lay one on me? Ugh! I don't want to deal with this.

I need to get an order together for my British distributor -- I have run out of a number of things. Eeps! I know it is a good thing, but really. Yikes, I have only been open for 2 weeks! Good thing business is going well. I will probably not get a full order together and have to pay a small amount extra for not making minimums. It shouldnt make a huge difference in pricing, though.

Today was another odd customer day: most unashamedly was a German guy who, while knowing he was in the presence of 2 Americans, began bashing Americans for their language and went on and on about how much better the British are. Like, really. Oh the Americans talk so horribly, I want to only learn British English and ladabadlaeioadsfoik ..... OKAY! I get it, I suck. Thanks. After I pointed out how diverse the German language is with its dialects and such, he seemed to understand the point that there are many ways of speaking lots of languages... And I showed him that non-Germans can speak just as clean a German as natives. :P Take that Mr. Sauerkraut!

Then I got a hottie in the shop with long hair. Ahhh, made up for the uncomfortable conversation with the other bloke.

And I got to visit with two friends, one of which is one of my very favorite people. Made today a good day :D It is already after 5 pm -- less than 2 hours left before closing and while I will be glad to go home and have a bath, I had a really nice day today. Friends are so important and I realized that again today.

And did I mention I have tunes??? Yes, finally music without having to constantly hit the button. Wadadadadadoo!