Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Golly!

This is going to be a bit of a rant now, but I have to stop a second while I help an odd duck of a customer. Finished with the odd duck, boy was my 1st impression right on :D

My rant: people, if you expect to pay 1:1 prices of what you pay in the UK or in the US (or Australian, New Zealand, South Africa, tropical islands, whatever).... then please do not come into my shop and complain about my prices. Before you do that, surf the internet, check out the prices at online dealers. Go into Karstadt, check out their prices. THEN come into my shop -- you will immediately see that I am too damn nice and that I probably *could* be marking my goods up even more. If you want to fly or drive to the UK, go for it. Here is another little tip, though: I have been told that my Twinings tea is probably a bit cheaper than in supermarkets over there at the moment. Yeah, put that in your pocket, dude.

For the most part, my job is fun, I make a lot of people really happy. Like do a little jig in my shop happy. Yes, it has happened! But still, I do let these few people who complain get to me. I know I shouldn't... I guess I just worked so hard on my pricing and comparing costs and prices that it just hits me a bit low.

Yesterday with the kids was actually okay. They got a bit loud a few times, but kept themselves busy most of the time. They actually asked to be able to take a nap! S fell asleep really quickly, A needed a bit longer, but did doze off within 15 minutes of snuggling into his gnome covers. Ha! A group of young people woke them up after about an hour or so, though. They were both pretty sleepy last night.

So, off to try to make more people happy...

Monday, October 25, 2010

It has been a long long time

I have been neglecting this poor blog of mine. Today is a great day to start using it again.
I have my two youngest kidlets in the shop today, I am sure I will have a bit to say about that....
And I want to share a fantastic chance for local Dresdeners to win something cool for their kids from one of my favorite shops here in the neighborhood: Catapult!


Check it out and enter to win. I will update my adventures with a 4 yr old and nearly 6 yr old in the shop all day a bit later. Right now I need to get ready to open my doors for the day ;)
Over and out.
For now...

Been a SUPER busy day today. The sprogs actually slept for a bit (pictures will be added when I get home ;)), but then a group of young people came in who were a bit loud and woke the poor doodles up. This group that came in is a story for another day and maybe another dimension.

On a good note, my dearest friends - T & P (no, not TP) came in today which made me so happy and reminded me of how very damn lucky I am to have them. Truly turtly truly. They are as kooky as I am. No, really!

On a less that stellar note: we thought we had lost our two big boys. When the hubster got home from work today they should have been home with a friend of J's. The friend was there, but J and L were not to be found. Ugh. Turns out, they pulled a doofy and went to someone else's house, even though they had invited someone over. Needless to say, there will be a stop to visitation rights at and from friends for a bit. Panic is an awful feeling.

After a quick trip down the street to the yarn shop I am feeling a bit better. A bit more zen. The feared competition around the corner may not be competition, after all, but a compliment to me and my shop.

Right, need to get things picked up around the shop so that I can skeedaddle as soon as I have counted out the till. Home to a hot bath, a piece of cake, plying my handspun yarn. Then bed. Bliss.