Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Help

My business consultants got me some help with marketing my shop better in the sense of window presentation and ways of tying the outside in with the inside. So Mr. Marketing-Dude came by this morning to check things out and make some suggestions about what can be done to make everything look more polished. He had some interesting ideas and I will see what he suggests in a few days and what kind of costs I am looking at. For one thing he wants to do some window plotting. He was also talking about doing some painting in the shop itself. He asked if I am artsy at all. Ehhh, not sure.

Aside from that... I have had a few slowish days, but this evening it suddenly picked up in the last half hour and it was fun chatting with people and making some sales.

I am beginning to get more repeat customers. My redhead fan comes in pretty much daily. Today 2 Irish guys that have always come in singly were in together and it was a bit surreal to see them together. Then there is the cute Ireland fan, so boyish and sweet, teehee. Oh, I had my first Kiwi today, so fun! And a Mexican with long hair.

Then this crazy woman with huge dogs came in... like huge! They used my bathroom. All of them. And the woman had on shiny shoes. I admit it, I was a bit jealous. Something so familiar about her ;)

As my Jedi-friend asked for more pictures, I have a few to offer up here: This is my newly furnished basement. Dr. Dude put my shelves up over the weekend -- so organized and emptying quickly!


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Sorry about the slowish day, but glad you got some Irish amusement. Did the two big dogs who used the bathroom put the seat down or do you not have up and down seats in Deutschland?

  2. they put the seat down -- and they didnt even drink from the toilet ;)