Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dum Di Do Di Doo

It has been a slow few days here. Yesterday was downright ugly slow and I hope I will not have too many of those days. And on the day I placed a 2000€ order to boot. Noice. So yeah, slow pickings in the shop, but I was able to finish my British order -- though I found out they won't export alcohol to me :( Boo hoo. I was counting on the beer and cider. Then I place a good sized book order that should be here on monday. Hurrah!

Aside from that, I have great shop windows through which I can watch amazing things. Like a young guy licking an ice cream cone in a manner I was not prepared to watch. I felt like I needed to bleach my brain or eyes afterwards. Hallelujah! Hawt. Today brought me a nose-picker. Less than sizzle, really. Maybe I need to install some hidden cameras...

Will continue this later -- The dude and the kidlets will be here soon. Dude is going to put my new storeroom shelves together and I am going to drive the kidlets home. May the force be with me behind the wheel...

The outlaws are arriving tomorrow and bringing my number 3 back home. Yay! I have missed him something fierce. He tells me over the phone how much he misses me. What a charmer. It should be an interesting week. I really need to use it to find another babysitter for Tuesdays since me 1st is no longer available. There is a Spanish lady who would love to help out, but there is something kind of off about her. So I will go through other channels in my search and hope for the best. Right now I need to get the house picked up a bit -- just enough so that the outlaws think I can run a house and a shop. Not enough that they don't feel moved to do a proper cleaning, though *whistle*

Happy weekend.


  1. Glad the wee one's back home! I can't believe he went off for a long time! Wow! Sorry about the booze order... what a sobering reality. Need more shop pics!