Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Golly!

This is going to be a bit of a rant now, but I have to stop a second while I help an odd duck of a customer. Finished with the odd duck, boy was my 1st impression right on :D

My rant: people, if you expect to pay 1:1 prices of what you pay in the UK or in the US (or Australian, New Zealand, South Africa, tropical islands, whatever).... then please do not come into my shop and complain about my prices. Before you do that, surf the internet, check out the prices at online dealers. Go into Karstadt, check out their prices. THEN come into my shop -- you will immediately see that I am too damn nice and that I probably *could* be marking my goods up even more. If you want to fly or drive to the UK, go for it. Here is another little tip, though: I have been told that my Twinings tea is probably a bit cheaper than in supermarkets over there at the moment. Yeah, put that in your pocket, dude.

For the most part, my job is fun, I make a lot of people really happy. Like do a little jig in my shop happy. Yes, it has happened! But still, I do let these few people who complain get to me. I know I shouldn't... I guess I just worked so hard on my pricing and comparing costs and prices that it just hits me a bit low.

Yesterday with the kids was actually okay. They got a bit loud a few times, but kept themselves busy most of the time. They actually asked to be able to take a nap! S fell asleep really quickly, A needed a bit longer, but did doze off within 15 minutes of snuggling into his gnome covers. Ha! A group of young people woke them up after about an hour or so, though. They were both pretty sleepy last night.

So, off to try to make more people happy...


  1. There's always going to be a sour grape, so just aim to please the majority and anyone else can kiss your behind! Glad the boys did well yesterday! Very cool they could spend the day there with you!

  2. I think some people are always going to complain no matter what...it's just their nature.

    About the prices...even the big supermarkets that sell imported items have to charge more for them, it's just the way things are. When I was in Canada, I saw Tim Tams for sale at Safeway. The Aussie and Canadian dollars were at par, and the Tim Tams that cost under $2.00 a pkg in Perth are $4.80 a pkg in Edmonton. That's just the reality of the extra costs involved in getting them there.