Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are? They are fantabulous, truly. I really could not ask for a better support system -- both local and international. Through the months of preparation of this big adventure I had my friends abroad cheering me on and telling me I would be fabulous. Keeping me motivated not to make this a total *fail*. I will NOT get sappy, but trust me when I say that my tears were constantly dried by love and support.

And then came the serious business part of this. Getting my 2 huge deliveries (5600 individual units, in case you wanted to know) just days before I was due to open. Yeah, I panicked. I was not sleeping, I was wrought with fear of everything. Then the *Librarian* came to my rescue. My pride was overriding my fear and did not allow me to beg for help. I tried to tell myself I could do it alone. Then she came and told me she was there to help and to just let her. She took a project into her own hands and rolled with it. The next day, too. And then again on the day before the opening. She even brought me a chili plant (it is still alive and I have been munching on the chilis!), as if her help wasn't gift enough for being able to open when planned. Thank you, you were awesome! And she sent gazoodles of business my way on my opening and in the week since. Awesomesauce.

And then there were the other snow-by helpers during that preparation week that just came by for a bit to stick labels and chat. I cannot thank my support system enough. Those who came on my opening day and in the first week to buy things AND bring gifts, I feel truly unworthy. Nope, no sap here, really. *whistle*

But that isn't all! I just picked up a totally unexpected parcel from the post office. I mean really. Kathi, you are truly the sweetest. I don't deserve you and your support. You have so much else going on and here you are sending me gifts! Thank you, thank you. For the awesome bag I have been saving for and drooling over. Gawgeous. And the tea for my next bout of insomnia -- it will come when I place my next order. Count on it. And the cookbook. Holy canoli, the recipes sound awesome: Simply Simpatico. The Home of Authentic Southwestern Cuisine. Indian Blue Cornbread, Guaymas Salad, Grits Gruyere, Adobe Bars. Yum.


Have just had a new friend stop by, followed by a round of female missionaries stocking up on missed American foods. And someone asking for the wish of all wishes: clotted cream. Really. I guess I will have to get a refrigerated unit and should probably start pricing them. Add that to the storeroom shelves, a few extra tables, the card stand, a vacuum.... ugh so man costs coming up! And I need to start preparing the next shipment. Yikes. Where is my break? Am thinking the Sleepytime tea will come in handy soon...



  1. Michi, you are an amazing gal. You SHOULD attract a wonderful support system! So glad you have had help along the way.. I read at first "Libertarian" instead of "Librarian" and thought, "WHOA, she must be amazingly cool." Not that librarians aren't. They are. Libertarian librarians are the coolest though. ;)

  2. i wasn't sure if my librarian friend (that is what her id on here is) wanted her name revealed ;) i would call you jedi-woman, teehee. thank you!