Friday, August 6, 2010

Dreary Day

I didn't feel like writing anything yesterday. I was busy taking inventory because the realisation I have come to is that I have to order again soon. I am out of root beer and hickory bbq sauce; almost out of Lucky Charms, Skittles and Dr. Pepper. Getting low on lots of other stuff, as well. This is scary! I thought I would be able to wait a bit, but nope. I will start putting my order together in the next few days.

First, I have to get through this weekend. My big boy is in the shop with me today *helping out* -- summer care is officially over and school starts on Monday. Tomorrow morning is the big hullabaloo for kids starting 1st grade this year... Like my youngest. He is excited and while I am excited for him, it is also a bit of a *wow* thing in that it means he is SEVEN. So yeah, still have stuff to do for that tonight (someone remind me to take the good scissors home, please).

I have had a wish for a certain hot sauce and think I may try to order a few to see how they go. They look interesting. Not that I have space or anything... This weekend we need to finally get storage shelves up and maybe I will even remember to get a foot matt for in front of the door. Hurrah.

The weather is a bit off today (rainy and grey), I hope things will pick up a bit. I might go stir crazy otherwise. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks of business!

The big boy helped me re-stock today and straightened up the shelves for me. It amazes me how type A he is about my shop and how type slob he is about his room at home ;) Then I sent him on a walk around the block as he was bored. Poor baby...

Had some interesting customers again today, really nice, a bit odd and everything in between. The guy I forgot to give the package of chips to last week came in and evidently hadnt realized I had stiffed him. Well then, all the happier today. I have found a german distributor for some American goods. I am going to check their prices and see if they would be a good option for *in-between* orders. Their pancake mix is astronomical, but some things are not outrageous.

Would be interested in any serious comments on Blair Hot Sauces (extreme)!

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