Monday, August 2, 2010

A new week

I have started my 2nd week with a crushed left pointer finger. I have no idea how I did it, but it hurts.

Rainy day, I expect it to be a bit slow. I have some official work I need to finish (sign up for a company that I have to pay for the packaging I am bringing into circulation -- in the future I will not offer as much glass...). After that, I will do the final ingredient translations. Then I will allow myself to knit. Just a little. And only if there are not any customers.

First, I have to clean up the shop a bit as I did not get around to it on Saturday afternoon.

I will be back later for more, if there is more to report.

I met the American that has a Sport shop up the street from me. He is really nice, from New Mexico and was a Dead Head for 5 years with his VW Bus. Ahhhhhh, not only a nice person, but someone who shares a passion! Ha :D And he has been in Germany almost as long as I have.

Been a slightly weird day, I am feeling off. Nice customers, though -- new friends from last week and new people, in general. Definitely a good community.

A guy came in that was looking at ingredients. He and a friend have an ice cream business and make American Style Ice Cream (a la Ben & Jerry's):

Roll on evening.

The name of my shop seems to be a huge hit, by the way, as is the sign. Score one for the not so American taste I have. Score one for Michifreak.

Right, one last comment for today: I just had a customer who has been to Eugene and asked me immediately if I am a Deadhead. He is Australian and the crazy thing is that when he came in I kept thinking: I know him, I know him, where do I know him from????? Aha! We used to ride the ferry across the Elbe River together. Nearly every single day. Really nice guy, his wife is American and he is sending her in tomorrow. Yes, powers that be: please send me more like that!

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  1. You are the coolest. I hope you get some R & R soon. Yeah for the Deadheads coming out of the works! Don't tell me that town ain't got no heart... you just gotta poke around (or open up a really sweet shop).