Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Humma Humma What?

I was locked out of my account with my British distributor on Monday and innocently sent an e-mail to my personal contact there yesterday morning stating that my log-in wasn't working (again) and asking her to please re-set my account. I immediately got a no-reply form e-mail stating that my email was deemed phishing or spam and sent on for further lookie-lous. What? All I did was tell her that my log-in was not working. Hmmm. So I found an e-mail from her and replied to it and received a response from someone else in the team that she was out of office and that my account would be reset. All was fine in my world again. Then this morning I got another no-reply email stating that the lookie-lou peeps deemed my e-mail spam / phishing. Roger. Huh?

I redid the windows a bit this morning -- there were dead flies and dust in it, so hey ho, I thought it necessary. I need fabric and wooden blocks or something to be able to work more effectively. One day.

So, my 2nd son is starting school next Monday, where does the time go? Didn't we just welcome him into the family? I need to write up a list of things we are still missing for the 2 school bubs so I can send Dr. Dude with them on Saturday to finish school shopping. One of the perks of having my own shop is that I can give certain jobs to Papa now... It may make me less of a woman, but I no longer enjoy shopping like I used to.

10 minutes to opening. Excuse me while I rock out to CSNY to get the mindset on. More later once I have had some interesting interactions.

My kids go to normal German schools, but I have to say that I am really liking the International School here. I have met several teachers and parents and they are really nice and have a lot of information and have given me some more book ideas -- especially for youth books. Fun times!

Weird random thought: I feel like I am slightly re-americanising myself. Weird. In German you have the formal and the informal ways of adressing people: Sie and Du. In general people are formal and use Sie. I find myself say Du to more and more of my German customers -- those younger than me, which isn't hard here in the Neustadt. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a granny. HA! And I taught a young German guy about fudge today, poor soul has no idea how ruined he is about to become. He bought a jar of marshmallow fluff and I told him about fudge. He is going to spoon half a jar and try to make fudge with the rest. Rawr.

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