Monday, August 9, 2010

monday monday

I have been quiet for a few days. Lots going on at home and just a bit tired. I feel like my stress is catching up with me and starting to wear me down. I will NOT let that happen, though. I am strong ;)

Today has been good for the most part. I did get an e-mail from my Latvian guy that I had get my stuff through the customs and from Hamburg to Dresden. He says he did not get my 2nd wire transfer -- 615 Euros. Um hello, I sent it on July 23rd and it should have been there by now. He got my first payment and I used it as a basis for the 2nd. If the first got there, the 2nd should have, too. So is he trying to lay one on me? Ugh! I don't want to deal with this.

I need to get an order together for my British distributor -- I have run out of a number of things. Eeps! I know it is a good thing, but really. Yikes, I have only been open for 2 weeks! Good thing business is going well. I will probably not get a full order together and have to pay a small amount extra for not making minimums. It shouldnt make a huge difference in pricing, though.

Today was another odd customer day: most unashamedly was a German guy who, while knowing he was in the presence of 2 Americans, began bashing Americans for their language and went on and on about how much better the British are. Like, really. Oh the Americans talk so horribly, I want to only learn British English and ladabadlaeioadsfoik ..... OKAY! I get it, I suck. Thanks. After I pointed out how diverse the German language is with its dialects and such, he seemed to understand the point that there are many ways of speaking lots of languages... And I showed him that non-Germans can speak just as clean a German as natives. :P Take that Mr. Sauerkraut!

Then I got a hottie in the shop with long hair. Ahhh, made up for the uncomfortable conversation with the other bloke.

And I got to visit with two friends, one of which is one of my very favorite people. Made today a good day :D It is already after 5 pm -- less than 2 hours left before closing and while I will be glad to go home and have a bath, I had a really nice day today. Friends are so important and I realized that again today.

And did I mention I have tunes??? Yes, finally music without having to constantly hit the button. Wadadadadadoo!


  1. Oh, Michi! I just found your blog and caught up with everything. I'm so happy for you and your shop. Looking forward to reading more about your "interesting" customers hee hee Love ya girlie!!

  2. thanks cryssy :D i have had some interesting semi-humans come in ;)