Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I do wonder

I wonder about some people. The guy with the stick came in again today and I thought it would be another long drawn out process of him talking to himself and me and my trying to figure out what was what. Him talking to the products, etc. Nope, he came in and checked out the raspberry fluff then went straight to the cherry jello and bought a package of that. On the way out he laughed super loud and said *Hendrix* -- I was listening to Hendrix. So, while I didn't think he was quite in his mind, he apparently is. I stand corrected and won't be afraid when / if he comes in again...

It has mostly been slow today. A few people stopping by to see what I have. Others coming in with a mission in mind (pancake mix, sweets). And I can't get around it, i MUST place an order within the next week. It is just hard to concentrate on lists and check pricing and such while I have customers. At the same time I am too K.O. in the evenings when I close to work on it.

I have actually made some progress with my order today. I think I have most of the *normal* stuff. My specialty line is not full enough, yet, for the order. I am too far from the minimum so need to tack on a few more cases.

One thing I realize: I can't forget to bring lunch again. I forgot today -- had doc appts for 2 of the imps -- and I drank so much that I had to constantly pee. I don't want to pull junk food off the shelves to eat. I opened a package of fig rolls and had 2 of them and put the rest on a plate for customers to try :D I had a yellow paprika sitting out, too, and ate that. And then I started working on my pepper plant again. Hehe. But, yeah, tomorrow I am bringing a sammy.

Lots of other and interesting customers today -- word is out that I am here and people love me already.
What more can a gurrrrl ask for? ;)


  1. Who wouldn't love ya!
    And the stick guy belting out a laugh and shouting "Hendrix"... classic.
    My wee fella has a nice little collection of Hendrix tees. When you ask him who it is he says "Jimi! Best guitar ever!" ;)

  2. teehee, i love you little guy! sounds like he is being groomed by someone ;)

  3. Well ya know.. I gotta "raise him up right" :)