Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this is going to be short and sweet and without capital letters today. why? it is 6:36 pm and i am just getting around to writing something.
i spent the boring part of the morning restocking and have had steady streams of lookers, visitors and buyers and friends from the past (wow!).
lucky charms are sold out now, too. scary stuff people!
feeling a bit crack-knackered today.
funny customer of the day: a young american guy -- end teens / early 20s, been in the country long enough to have a slight accent when speaking english. he was jonesing so bad for rootbeer that he made me promise to e-mail him when i get some in :D he is leaving the country beginning of september to study abroad (still europe) and wants it before he leaves.
i think i will need to make a big sign or flag to put out when the salt and vinegar chips are back in stock. can you say *addiction*? SOOOOOOOO many people want the, i think i will quadruple my original order to make it until october ;)

okay, over and out. i think i am going out tonight.

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